This is an attempt to document my efforts to grow and eat locally around Melbourne, Derbyshire. My family own a nine acre smallholding on which we grow fruit and vegetables and keep bees, and chickens, but that won't feed us alone, so the idea is to get to know our local produce and to see how easy/hard it is to follow a diet that is local to within 30 miles. The fun part is also trying some new (easy) recipes that use home-grown and local produce. Feel free to comment, send in recipes, and share your experiences of buying and eating locally.

Sunday, 5 May 2013


Inspired by Vicky at Strawberry Kitchen Bakery, at Melbourne Food Fair today my son decided to make cupcakes and ice them with the icing set that he was given for his birthday ( helped by big sister). Absolutely yummy and I'm sure the use of Claybrooke flour makes all the difference.

Thursday, 2 May 2013


No-one else in the family seems to have noticed the first shoots of asparagus poking their heads through the ground - dilemma, do I eat them for my lunch whilst everyone is out or share two spears between four other hungry mouths later on?